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Our courses are designed to unlock your creativity and guide you on your musical journey. From your very first note to your final demo, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals. Every workshop and lesson, whether group-based or one-on-one, is crafted with your needs and dreams in mind. Our mission is to inspire and guide you to unleash your creative flow.

Student Spotlight

‘Iā€™ m able to confidently mix my songs independently with the knowledge I have acquired ā€“ thank you so much. This means that compared to last year I have been able to finish songs and move onto newer projects at faster speeds.

Welcome to Alpha Waves Music School

Your journey into the realm of music begins here, and it’s much more than just a learning experience. It’s a creative outlet, a confidence booster, and a community. At Alpha Waves Music School, we offer more than just courses; we provide an empowering, inspiring, and comforting environment for your musical aspirations. Whether you ‘re a singer, songwriter, or a beginner in music production, we help you find your voice and create your unique sound.

Our Courses

Master Logic Pro

Join our Introduction to music production using Logic Pro. Learn from industry experts and master the art of music production.

Piano for Producers

Immerse yourself in our one to one lessons aimed at producers, offering an in-depth exploration of piano.

Singing and Mic Technique

With the power of breath learn to develop and find your authentic voice and sing with ease.

Why Choose Alpha Waves Music School?

At Alpha Waves, your music is our passion. We ‘re committed to helping you not just learn, but thrive in your music journey. Our dedicated tutors, all active industry professionals, bring real-world experience to your lessons. They understand the challenges of getting started and are hereto make your journey smoother.

Our workshops extend beyond Logic Pro and Ableton, covering a wide spectrum of music production areas, including sound design, film composition, synthesis, songwriting, mixing, and mastering.

We also foster a vibrant online community, encouraging collaborations and connections within the music world. Whether you join us on Zoom for our lessons or engage via our follow-up emails, you ‘ll always feel supported and connected.

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